Over Limit Tokyo – オーバーリミット東京

Over Limit 柔術は、柔術の世界で急成長しているチームの1つです。アジアでは、柔術、総合格闘技の本拠地となりました。
柔術の革新的なスタイルを学びたい場合は、Over Limit 柔術に是非ご参加してください。

Class Schedule / クラスケジュール
Private lesson / プライベートレッスン
Class Schedule
only reservation: 予約のみ
1 hour / 1時間 Private Jiu Jitsu class

Rates / 料金
訪問 / Visitors : ¥15,000/ 1Lesson

Edison Kagohara is a 4th Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Head Instructor of Over Limit Worldwide Association with more than 10 Affiliated Gyms in Japan, China, Korea, Rusia, India, Malaysia & Philippines. He is also the Founder of Dumau Events & Dumau Kimonos. Currently the Asian Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation (ASJJF) Director. Also a Black Belt Competitor among his past achievements are the ff titles:

Over Limit – Tokyo
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Name: Edison Kagohara
From: Brazil
Belt: 4th degree black belt
Language: Portuguese, English
, Japanese

Phone: 080-3716-9796

帯::黒帯 4段
言語::ポルトガル語,英語, 日本語

Jiu-Jitsu Title

– 2019 SJJIF World (Vice-Champion)
– Multiple ASJJF Dumau Event Champion
– 2017 SJJIF World Champion
– 2017 IBJJF Asian Open Champion
– 2017 IBJJF Asian Open Silver

  (Open Weight Division)
– 2015 SJJIF World Champion
– 2015 IBJJF Asian Open Champion
– 2015 ASJJF Asian Open Champion
– 2014 IBJJF World Master Champion
– 2014 SJJIF World Champion
– 2014 IBJJF Asian Open Champion
– 2014 ASJJF Asian Open Champion
– 2013 IBJJF World Master Vice-champion
– 2013 IBJJF Asian Open Champion
– 2011 IBJJF European Open Champion
– 2010 IBJJF Asian Open Champion

Edison Kagohara YouTube Channel


Contact us via / 問い合わせ

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